Scholarship programs

Desjardins offers a wide variety of scholarship programs. Fill out this form and you'll automatically be considered for the scholarships you may be eligible for. Here are a few of the programs that may apply to your situation. Conditions apply, so please read the contest rules for details about eligibility and how winners are chosen.

Desjardins Foundation scholarships

The Desjardins Foundation is a charitable organization run by Desjardins Group. For the past 50 years, the Foundation has been awarding scholarships to encourage young people to pursue post-secondary education by helping them stay in school and get involved in their communities. To learn more, visit the Desjardins Foundation scholarships page.

Scholarship rules 2024

Desjardins caisse scholarships

Desjardins cares about supporting young people in local communities, and several caisses offer scholarships to encourage students to pursue their studies. If you're a Desjardins member, select your caisse from the drop-down list to find out if it offers scholarships on this platform. If you're not a Desjardins member, select the Desjardins location closest to where you live.

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Your caisse or branch has a scholarship program. See the rules below for more details.

Scholarship rules

There are no scholarship rules available for this caisse or branch. Go to the caisse website to learn more about how we support young people.